Michael’s Caterpillar Drop-In Art is a non-profit after school art program in Seattle that provides middle and high school-aged youth with a safe place to tune in to and/or transform their creativity. We provide free snacks and supplies.


After a series of events over the past year we were brought to the place that we were not able to continue the art drop in program as it was structured. This was a totally volunteer program and a not for profit. The Art Drop in was free for attendees. Supplies, instructors, art instigators and snacks were all free. Board members were also all volunteers.. The art drop in program is on hold until we can reorganize and restructure to assure consistency of support and greater accessibility to participants.

Here are some of the things we are working on:

• Recruiting more volunteer artists / art director in charge
• Creating easier access/transportation to our location
• Communications to schools, organizations and groups targeting middle school age youth.

We are proud of this program and the attendees were able to participate in art shows, art walks and many sold their art!

We will be bringing you updates as we recruit new board members and volunteers. We welcome your suggestions and would love for new members , board members and artists to join us. Thank you for your understanding.

Karen Colangelo