Past Events

Michael’s Caterpillar Memorial Wall

Often as human beings we tend to look away from situations that are painful to watch. We act as if a problem doesn’t exist. Sometimes we are not fully aware of what another person is feeling or going through, because we are not paying attention to that person and that can cause him/her to feel like they have been “ERASED”. It is important that teens are able to share the feelings that are going on within them. Sometimes, however, they feel embarrassed or they simply may not feel they can trust sensitive issues of their lives with anyone. Being able to express their emotions in a way that is creative allows them to deal with their anxiety, fear, confusion or pain in a constructive and healthy way, rather than turning to substance use to numb those feelings. Art has been demonstrated to help people that feel isolated to begin to deal with the demons that torment them.

We had 3 events last summer in conjunction with Northwest Finesse, to honor Michael’s life at family festivals and parades in the area. The events were targeted at Beacon Hill Festival on June 6, The Wallingford Parade and Festival on July 11 and Phinneywood Summer Streets Art Walk on August 8. Artists painted a Memorial Wall in honor of Michael, while teaching others something of the craft of art which Michael loved.

We have set up this program available to youths 11 through 14 years of age in after school programs (See Current and Future Programs page). We especially would like to offer the program in those middle and high schools with not many after school programs available to the students. We believe that a program like this would have been a great help to Michael because Michael and his friends loved creativity. If you, like us, are very concerned about the epidemic of substance abuse in our area, perhaps you would like to help us by sending a check or money order to Michael’s Caterpillar at 5511 32nd Avenue NW #205, Seattle, WA 98107. Or by donating through PayPal on our How To Help page. All donations are tax deductible on your income tax.


Pictures from our June 6th event


Pictures from our July 11th event


Pictures from our August 8th event


​Run for Their Lives 5K

On November 1, 2015, Micahel’s Caterpillar joined the Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative at Greenlake in Seattle, WA for a 5K run to raise funds to help at risk teens. Below are some pictures of our table from that event.


Phinney-Wood Art Walk